Pilonidal Cyst Causes, Symptoms, Treatments

A pilonidal (pie-low-NIE-dul) cyst is an abnormal pocket in the skin that typically carries hair and skin debris. A is kind of constantly located close to the tailbone on the top of the cleft of the buttocks.

commonly occur while hair punctures the skin and then becomes embedded. If a will become infected, the ensuing abscess is frequently extraordinarily painful. The cyst may be drained via a small incision or eliminated surgically.

most usually arise in younger men, and the trouble has a bent to recur. People who sit down for prolonged period of time, consisting of truck drivers, are at higher risk of growing a .

pilonidal cysts causes
What Causes a ? … Most doctors think that ingrown hairs are the reason for many of them. Pilonidal means “nest of hair,” and …

Symptoms of

When it is inflamed, a was a swollen mass (abscess). Signs and symptoms of an infected consist of:

  • Pain
  • Reddening of the skin
  • Drainage of pus or blood from a gap in the skin
  • Foul odor from draining pus

When to see a health practitioner?

If you note any signs of a , see your medical doctor. He or she can diagnose the state of affairs through diagnosing the lesion.


The precise purpose of isn’t clear. But most seem like because of unfastened hairs that penetrate the skin. Friction and stress —skin rubbing towards skin, tight clothing, bicycling, prolonged intervals of sitting or comparable things — force the hair down into skin. Responding to the hair as a distant places substance, the body creates a cyst around the hair.

This rationalization accounts for rare instances of that rise up in components of the body apart from close to the tailbone. For instance, barbers, canine groomers and sheep shearers have advanced in the skin between palms.

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Risk factors of

Certain factors ought to make you more at risk of developing , in conjunction with:

  • Male intercourse
  • Younger age ( are most common in people of their 20s)
  • Obesity
  • Inactive life-style
  • Occupation requiring extended sitting
  • Excess frame hair
  • Stiff or coarse hair

Complications of

If a chronically infected isn’t always handled well, you will be at slightly accelerated risk of growing a form of skin most cancers referred to as squamous cell carcinoma.

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Prevention of

To assist save you , try to:

  • Keep the place clean
  • Lose weight if wanted
  • Avoid prolonged sitting

If you have had in the past, you might need to often shave the place or use hair elimination products to lessen the risk of recurrence.

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Treatment of pilonidal cysts

The preliminary treatment for an inflamed is usually a method that may be accomplished in your physician’s place of work. After numbing the place with an injection, your health practitioner makes a small incision to drain the cyst. If the cyst recurs, which frequently takes place, you may want a more huge surgical treatment that gets rid of the cyst completely.

After surgical treatment, your physician might also moreover select to:

  • Leave the wound open: In this selection, the surgical wound is left open and packed with dressing to permit it to heal from the inner out. This process result in a prolonged recuperation time but commonly a lower threat of a habitual .
  • Close the wound with stitches: While the restoration time is shorter with this option, there can be a more risk of recurrence. Some surgeons make the incision to the side of the cleft of the buttocks, in which recuperation is mainly tough.

Wound care is extremely important after surgical treatment. Your health practitioner or nurse will provide you with unique instructions on a way to trade dressings, what to expect of a normal healing system and while to call the medical doctor. You can also moreover need to shave across the surgical website to save you hairs from getting into the wound.

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Preparing on your appointment

You’re probable to start with the aid of seeing your main care physician. In some times while you call to set up an appointment, you’ll be referred right away to a dermatologist or a health care professional.

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What you can do

Before your appointment, you may want to put in writing down a list that answer the following questions:

  • When did your symptoms start?
  • Have you experience this problem before?
  • Does something enhance your signs?
  • What, if some thing, appears to get worse your signs?
  • What medications or nutritional supplements do you taking often?

What to expect from your physician

Your physician is possibly to invite you a number of questions, inclusive of:

  • Have you been running a fever?
  • Is the pain preserving you huge unsleeping at night?
  • What is your profession? Do you sit all day?

What complications are related to pilonidal sinus disorder?

There are a number of complications that may stand up from PNS. These consist of wound infection and a recurrence of the PNS even after surgical operation.

Signs that the wound is inflamed include the following:

  • excessive pain
  • inflamed, swollen skin
  • a temperature of a hundred.4°F or higher
  • blood and pus seeping from the wound site
  • a bad odor coming from the wound

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How can I save you pilonidal sinus disease?

You can save you recurrence of PNS through washing the place on a daily basis with a mild soap, making sure all cleaning soap is eliminated, keeping the place completely dry, and heading off sitting for lengthy intervals.

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